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Benefits for Job Seekers


What Job-Seekers are saying about
Interview Ready™

I updated the Interview
ready app which prepared me for my first interview, it was fantastic.
Thank you


I just updated the app and the
Interview part is indeed very
helpful and a new
solution for me


Just finished Interview, felt really well prepared, thanks for helping me out

Senior Strategist was given access to IVR to prepare for an interview

It helped me boost my confidence
while going into the real life

Mehaboob Begum

Information about the roles is amazing. Holistic and comprehensive,
I find it very useful

Mesa Duarte

Useful tips for pronunciation. Used Interview Ready to practice for Information Technology Network Engineer role


Corporate Testimonials

Star Method feedback is great. I was Nervous and the app told me so I could adjust next time.
Successfully interviewed and landed a job!
There were three questions asked in the actual interview and I was confident
because I practiced and used the STAR Method.

Hilda Marcela

IVR significantly improves how they perform during the interview.

Charmaine Chan, Professional Mentor & Program support- AMES Australia

A great way to prepare for a job interview.The feedback provides applicants,
including those who are already proficient in many areas, with the opportunity to significantly
improve how they perform during the interview.

Job Seeker, Senior Strategy Manager

The impact on migrants who are learning English and preparing for
interviews will be profound

CFO AMES Tracey Bannan

on 13 March 2022

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